47 thoughts on “✈San Antonio, Texas ►Vacation Travel Guide

  1. victor soto says:

    Hate to bust y'alls bubble but, according to a Lt. Col. De La Pena's journal, Crockett was found hiding in the Alamo's stable and ordered to be executed by the sword for cowardice. Also, that Mexican restaurant that never closes…their food is assembly-line prepared for tourists. Not really Mexican food. However people go for the Mariachis and ambiance.

  2. Ibrym Yashar'al says:

    Moved to San Antonio Texas back in 2007 from Raleigh NC and I tell you no lie when I say this, but the Mexican population in San Antonio TX is very racist and extremely!! violent when it comes to blacks and it's like everybody like to tell lies just for fun. No kind of southern hospitality what so ever the worst place I have ever lived in my life I wouldn't recommend anybody living in San Antonio or even visiting stay away for your own safety

  3. Ken Bugawisan says:

    Oh gosh I am falling in love with San Antonio,Texas already. I've never been outside of my country,the Philippines and If I go to US,I will be visiting this amazing city first. Seems like it's more quiet in San Antonio than in any other cities in US. #JustSaying

  4. Toriano Malo says:

    I've visited a lot of cities in my life time. the list would be kinda of long to name. but among my top fav's Chicago would make the list. so would Cincinnati Ohio and Nashville Tennessee was quite beautiful. but I will always love San Antonio. I just really love the small town feel. with the big city amenities. and the food is awesome! I hope to move back there soon. I really miss it so much

  5. J Harris says:

    I live in Dallas and have visited San Antonio a few times. I'm about to go back again with a friend that's never been. Looking forward to the trip. I highly recommend San Antonio as it's affordable, clean, family friendly, and has a great day and night life to offer.

  6. Philip S says:

    San Antonio is a dusty, dirty crime ridden city that is nothing like it may have been a few decades ago. I guess it makes for a cheap vacation if you cannot afford to go somewhere really interesting.

  7. Ethan Rodriguez says:

    Cant talk to a good rich girl ..im not super rich.. damn it cant talk to a regular girl here cause im not ganster enough and dont sell drugs damn … Cant talk to poor girls.. i dont do crack and sleep at downtown damn it… So since i was born been dark cold pits.. no love or friendships… Due to money and bs trust.. it suxs being born here… 6

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