10 REASONS to VISIT KYIV (Honest Guide)

Your ultimate travel guide to Kyiv… well, sort of. Here are some of the reasons why to visit Kyiv and our tips on where to eat and what to see. You’ll have an amazing time, trust me!

We’ve also been to Chernobyl and that was incredible experience… check out our vlog from there: https://youtu.be/lwhSZTPz4Lk

Special thanks to Visit Kyiv for inviting us! If you want more tips on what to do, check out their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7cnxQTm7mE

Map with places we visited:

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We hope you’ll have an amazing time!

Thank you for your support!
Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš

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29 thoughts on “10 REASONS to VISIT KYIV (Honest Guide)

  1. Eugen Malatov says:

    Your camera guy must be really tall – he makes you look rather small on camera. As you enter the metro it becomes clear that you are actually a super tall and lanky dude.
    Really nice visuals, for my taste it is too flashy, hectic and hipster-like. But as an old gal I am probably also not the target audience.

  2. Sam says:

    How easy is it to find English speaking people and gluten free food in Kyiv? I want to go to Kyiv to do a Chernobyl Tour and spend time in Kyiv.

    Why do people keep saying Arsenalna is the deepest metro Station in the world? The Pyongyang Metro is 110 meters deep. Isn’t 110 meters deep than 105.5 meters?

  3. Ad HW says:

    Honza & Janek, I started watching your videos before I went on erasmus study exchange in Prague in 2016. Your videos about Prague has helped me so much back then. Now 3 years later seeing you guys doing all these travel VLOG's makes me really exciting. So much to catch up

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