20 Things to do in Kraków, Poland Travel Guide

Come join us as we visit Krakow, Poland in this travel guide as we cover the top attractions and best things to do in Kraków in terms of museums, restaurants, shopping, castles and churches worth visiting.

From Wawel Castle to the Old Town and Kazimierz to Planty Park you’ll find Krakow charming as you meander through its attractive streets and squares.

With legendary nightlife, a flourishing food scene and plenty of green space Kraków feels just as much like a city as it does a town.

We ended up coming for a week and wanting to stay for an entire month. Krakow truly won us over and in this travel guide I think you’ll find out why.

20 Things to do in Krakow City Tour | Poland Travel Guide:

Intro – 00:00
1) Wawel Castle (Zamek Królewski na Wawelu) – 00:27
2) Vistula River walk for exercise (Wisła) – 01:23
3) River Cruise on the Vistula (Rejs statkiem Wisły) – 01:37
4) The Royal Road or Royal Route (Droga Królewska) – 02:22
5) St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków Church (Kościół Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny, Kościół Mariacki) – 02:39
6) Main Square, Kraków Medieval Town Square (Rynek Główny) – 02:57
7 – St. Florian’s Gate or Florian Gate (Brama Floriańska) and the Kraków Barbican (barbakan krakowski) in the Old Town – 03:12
8 – Planty Park (Parku Planty Białystok) – 03:20
9 – Kazimierz neighborhood for street art (Sąsiedztwo Kazimierz) – 03:26
10 – Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum of Kraków (Polish: Muzeum Etnograficzne im. Seweryna Udzieli w Krakowie) – 03:36
11 – Polish Breakfast at Moment restaurant in Krakow (Polskie śniadanie) – 03:58
12 – Nightlife in Kazimierz (Życie nocne) – 04:09
13 – Pierogi at Pierogarnia (Polish Dumplings) – 04:31
14 – Tram Ride in Krakow (tramwajowy) – 05:46
15 – Ice Cream at Emil Kręci Lody – 05:56
16 – Kościuszko Mound (kopiec Kościuszki) in Kraków, Poland – 07:54
17 – Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory (Fabryka Emalia Oskara Schindlera) – 08:42
18 – Parish of St. Joseph’s Church (Kościół św. Józefa) at Podgórze Square – 09:05
19 – Park Bednarskiego (Park im. Wojciecha Bednarskiego) – 09:17
20 – Galeria Krakowska (Galerii Krakowskiej) for shopping in Krakow, Poland – 09:59
Outro – 10:11

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Our visit Krakow travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide, top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, churches and museums and Krakow by night. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won’t find in a typical Krakow tourism brochure, Krakow itinerary or Krakow, Poland city tour.

Krakow alternate spellings: Kraków, Cracow, Krakau, 克拉科夫

20 Things to do in Kraków, Poland Travel Guide video transcript:

We kicked off this trip to Poland with a visit to Krakow, a city people have been telling us to visit for years and now we know why. Krakow in the summertime was wonderful! We spent our time enjoying castle views from the river side, exploring neighbourhoods covered in street art, eating some of the best pierogie of our lives, and also discovering what we think may be the best ice cream. The following is our travel guide to some of the best things to do in Krakow!

Wawel Castle is Krakow’s crowning jewel, and for centuries it was the residence of the kings of Poland. You can see a mix of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture all in one place.

While in the city, we also had to walk the Royal Route, which was once the historic coronation path of Polish kings.

After visiting the basilica, we spent a bit of time walking the Main Square, which just so happens to be Europe’s largest medieval town square.

And that’s it for our visit to Krakow! We hope this video gave you a few ideas of things to do around the city. If you have any other places to add to this list or any tips for fellow travellers visiting Krakow feel free to share those.

This is part of our Travel in Poland video series showcasing Polish food, Polish culture, Polish cuisine while visiting Kraków Polska.

Music by Ehrling: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling
“You and Me” and “Champagne Ocean”

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46 thoughts on “20 Things to do in Kraków, Poland Travel Guide

  1. Timothy Jay Smith says:

    National Geographic posted Bookstr’s selection of the best 5 novels set in Europe published in 2019. The Fourth Courier, a literary thriller, also doubles as historical fiction because it’s set in Poland thirty years ago when the Cold War ended and Solidarity came to power.

  2. Mr. Sentry says:

    I’ve been in Krakow multiple times during my vacation in Poland. The buildings here are much different than in the US. It actually looks way better than the US. I have also been in King Sobieski’s castle, it was amazing. Thanks to him, we won the war hundreds of years ago, we killed half of the Turkish army, the rest of Europe was saved, and Poland remains a Christian country.

  3. Gratitude says:

    I visited Kraków 3 years ago. One day took the double decker bus to see the city . So worthwhile! At some point I notice a line of people that was stretching for more than 2 city blocks ! Wondered what people lined up for? What was so worth waiting for ? It was about 4 pm on a Sunday. People lined up to get ice cream 🍨!
    YUMMM ❤️🇵🇱😘🍓🥥

  4. Emma Goudge says:

    Hey!! I hope this gets seen 🤞I’m a 19 year old travel blogger from the UK 🇬🇧 I’m trying to share how I get super CHEAP holidays! ✈️ so if you all could like this comment so more people could notice it, that would mean the world to me! 🌍 also would love any feedback you guys have about my channel! Have a lovely day! ❤️

  5. Richard Mazursky says:

    Remember – Poland is an undiscovered country!
    Coast line in Poland, 770 km with beautiful beaches and nature.
    29 mountain ranges and hundreds of kilometers. Masurian Lake District – 2600 lakes.
    And all of this is live history, culture, and many other tourist attractions. I am a Varsovian and I invite everyone to Poland ! – let's enjoy a safe country, nature, European culture, food, history,
    etc. 🇵🇱❤ . Feel the Polish sea … it's just the beginning of your adventure with Poland

  6. Adam Smith says:

    Moved to cracow form London two months ago. Very Satisfied. My company ve opened a branch in here. Save place, no terrorism all people very kind to me. High quality of accommodation for very good price. 4 a flat like this i would have to pay litteraly 4X more in London. In poland everything is quite new cose EU is helping them a lot now. Three are around 700 corporations here including state street IBM google occado AON and many more. City is quite clean and food is tasty. Very happy

  7. Gamer X says:

    In Krakow, during the war, a Jew, Hans Frank, a Nazi and general governor, operated. Auschwitz was built for Poles. The Jews were in Treblinka (Auschwitz II). During the war, 3.5 million Poles and 3.5 million Jews were killed. Jews thieves have appropriated Auschwitz and the Holocaust. They even appropriated the Warsaw Uprising. During the war, the Jews collaborated en masse with the Germans. The Jewish police sent their Jews to concentration camps. Israel was created by Nazis and Jewish collaborators. Jews are falsifying history to extort huge amounts of money from Poland. Before the war, Jews also robbed Poland. Jews massively murdered Poles. In Katyn, the Jews of Poland shot Poles in the back of the head. They murdered several thousand Poles. After the war, they ruled Poland, tortured Polish soldiers and partisans. They tortured a lot more cruelly than the Germans. After the war, the Jews massively killed Polish soldiers. They killed in the woods over dug pits even for 300 Poles. Jews are genocides, Nazis and thieves who want to steal Poland.

  8. Monika Szczecinianka says:

    The worst country in Europe – Ireland – Irish people are mental handicap people, very lazy, very very dirty people and country, shit food and lots of social pathology. Thank you God I'm Polish , very very proud of my Country – beloved Poland.

  9. Yake Osicki says:

    You forgot about the National Museum in Krakow. There you will see Dame with an Ermine Leonardo da Vinci. When you want to see twin cities. You go to Lviv or to Vilnius. Go to the Cemetery of the Lwów Eagles or the cemetery at Rosia. Then you will understand where Poland was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DrXgj1NwN8&t=137s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OoSdnebLxw My family coat of arms is Lubicz. I know the stories of my family from the thirteenth century.

  10. Far Es says:

    ارغب بالسفر ارسلي لي تاشيره سياحه لمصر هل لي بمساعدتك عزيزتي لاان مصر بتعذب في الحصول علي التاشيره

  11. Michael Thompson says:

    Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've watched your videos but I was looking at this one, and I must say how much I appreciate your descriptions! Something every experienced viewer will appreciate 🙂

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