Wondering what to do in BILBAO? This city in the BASQUE COUNTRY of Spain is home to SO MUCH MORE THAN THE GUGGENHEIM.

Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers show you the REAL BILBAO. On bicycles, to hipster art communes then craft beers and a michelin star feast!

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+ Koala Rabioso: https://www.youtube.com/user/KoalaRabioso
+ Naty Penadas: https://www.youtube.com/user/NatyPenadas

Places we visited:
+ Cafe Bar Bilbao: http://bilbao-cafebar.com/?lang=en
+ Tourne Bike Tours: http://tournebilbao.com/en/
+ ZAWP Creative Space: https://www.facebook.com/zawpbio
+ Bihotz Craft Beer Bar: https://www.facebook.com/bihotzsanfrancisco/
+ Restaurante Mina: http://restaurantemina.es/
+ Basque Boutique Hotel: http://www.basqueboutique.es/

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40 thoughts on “24 PERFECT Hours in BILBAO | BASQUE COUNTRY

  1. legens nevera die says:

    Bilbao 4ever¡¡¡
    I will be back. The best city I visited in Spain. The people are wonderful, it's like a little New York. Basque food is the best in the world, my heart stayed in that city. maite zaitut¡¡¡¡ Bilbao, Vizcaya, forever! ¡¡¡¡

  2. Kit Walker says:

    Hi there!, I would like to ask you if it´s posible to use some of youre marvelous images from Bilbao, I´m working on a video for the University of my State, Universidad Veracruzana, it´s about the foundation of my city, Veracruz, México, it has already 500 years old, a lot of teachers and members of the academy are working on it, and ther´s a small reference to Bilbao and youre images would help. I hope it´s posible. Best regards from Veracruz México guys!, thank you!

  3. Xtian 22 says:

    I think you forgot 2 things in this video:
    1- The shape of the Guggenheim is a ship, obviously due to the large Basque sea history you talked about in your previous videos.

    2- You can't understand Bilbao without talking about football and Athletic club of Bilbao, the only football club in Europe (only 4 in the world) that just sign players from the area (basque players).

  4. xastunts says:

    Hi guys! I do like the quality of your videos, the video presentation and the content and how you provide it in general. I do wonder if there is nothing else you can do that is worth bringing up? oh! I hear my thoughts speaking loud now! how could you guys miss out this place called the "San Juan de Gaztelugatxe" and not cause of they have filmed the game of thrones there, but just the amazing view that will be hard to find another contenter to beat it with. I havent been there yet, but i do plan to travel there. great vid, but you should probably have added the San Juan de Gaztelugatxe to your bucket list! thank you!

  5. Ramona Inouye says:

    Although I had a wonderful time in Bilbao there are some things to be wary of. My friend and I decided to do the pincho crawl in casa veijo. We had a little too much wine. And her phone was stolen. I ran after the thief. Bad idea, I got lost, no phone, impossible to find my hotel. Wandered for hours. Then things got weird. Streets start to clear out I now know I'm way out of my depth. Random guys start telling me I'm in danger and it's not safe for me. Keep in mind I'm an overweight 43 year old woman. Figured I was too old for the sex trade. Think again. By this time I'm crying, have found one young man who speaks English fairly well so I stay close. Pretty soon another of his friends comes up seems like a nice young man he says he knows where my hotel is and he will take me. There is one older guy, very intimidating looking, not as well dressed, blood running down his forehead, doesn't speak English well. He gets into an argument with the two young men who I think are trying to help me. The young man who is going to take me to my hotel says let's go. I start to follow him and the bear of a man follows us. Talking to the young man aggressively. At this point I'm scared confused and don't want to make another bad choice. The bear of a man keeps telling me in broken English the young man I'm leaving with is a bad man. At this point there are now four more young men with the older man they are all saying the young man I'm leaving with is a bad man. What do I do? The bear of a man and the young boys with him have not touched me. Yet the young man im with has his arm around me. Im not sure what made me decide to go with the far scarier looking man and group of boys. Best decision ever. Looks can be so deceiving. This bear of a man and four young men walked me several miles to a police station. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I will always be thankful to my guardian angels. I wish them the very best life has to offer. Although the police were not very helpful. Hand drew me a map (not accurate) and sent me back out while telling me it was dangerous and I wasn't safe. Wandered until daylight and I finally found my hotel. Thank you to my big bear of a man and those young men. You will always hold a big place in my heart.

  6. Eagledives says:

    The Guggenheim Museum is the ugliest architecture in all Spain, it does NOT look "cool " because it does not blend well with most historical significant buildings of Spain's heritage and culture. It looks more like a recycling plant or a military junk building !

  7. Reka Toth says:

    Thanks for the fantastic recommendations! I visited Bilbao last week, followed your tips and had lots of fun! Your recommendations never get outdated 😉 keep exploring! Greetings from Budapest!

  8. Kees Manuel says:

    Guys first of all greetings from Northern Europe. Loved this video, specially the part of this amazing restaurant! Just out of curiosity, what is this thing about filming your leather shoes 👞?

    Great video.

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