7 Must Visit Places In Vancouver B.C. Canada (2019) | Vancouver Travel Tips

Their are a ton of attractions to see in Vancouver and this video is just a quick list of 7 places I recommend you check out.

1.Stanley Park

2.Vancouver Aquarium

3.Vancouver Public Library

4.Quarry Rock

5.Granville Island

6.Anton’s Pasta

7. Lynn Canyon Park

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18 thoughts on “7 Must Visit Places In Vancouver B.C. Canada (2019) | Vancouver Travel Tips

  1. Christopher Menard says:

    Being a Vancouverite I have to agree with David regarding Lynn Canyon. Go there instead of Capilano suspension. It also has a crazy high suspension bridge. A waterfall that locals jump off. (Don't people die) You can swim in the mountain springs below. Bring a lunch and hike around. Sometimes local indigenous first Nations will drum dance and sing there. Most of all it costs 0 except for local 3 dollar transit.
    Capilano on the other hand will cost you $160.00 for 2 adults and 2 youths. Ridiculous. Lynn Canyon is way more fun without huge bus loads of tourists.

  2. Sophie K says:

    Thank you for the video and for 6 out of the 7 tips! About tip number 2, the aquarium: There is nothing beautiful about animals in captivity. Animals do not belong into cages any more than we do.

  3. King Alessa says:

    Love your channel and the tips of places and activities you provide. I've been working as a private tour guide every summer in Vancouver and your channel has been an amazing source. Thanks David

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