Andaman and nicobar islands tourism video

Andaman and nicobar islands tourism video l Top 10 best tourist places

The video shows that top ten places in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

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Andaman and nicobar islands tourism video…

Please note some places and pictures may now no longer available in Andaman, Please refer comments…! We try to upload another video with proper images and places.

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32 thoughts on “Andaman and nicobar islands tourism video

  1. Dog Heart says:

    Some human beings are caged while India makes tourism of the people.. Visit the island and see the animals while India is paid the money .. THE UNITED NATIONS SHOULD BE SUED FOR THIS INHUMANITY .

  2. JB 6000 says:

    I read that the Andaman and Nicobar are actually safe for the most part, providing you do not go to North Sentinel Island, they say never as it is tribal and has groups that fight off others with spears. Some people have literally gone to North Sentinel Island and communicated with the locales and said they were friendly although others said on reviews of the island that they came back with eaten fingers or no hands or feet or fed meat there when there were no animals on the island (so it was human meat in other words). The other islands are not like that though some are quite the opposite and like having tourism. If you dare visit North Sentinel Island its your foolish decision. I hear they like coconuts though so tell the fools who wish to to bring them one theyll love you for that one

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