20 thoughts on “Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Video

  1. mosesmoses2000 says:

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  2. hashcat says:

    @bacaca88 no it's not it's really nice the people there are really kind and only 2 people have been murdered thee also my mum was married there and my nan goes every month for 6 weeks

  3. Suneil Kumar says:

    I've been here for over 2 years. Sadly, I must leave in 10 days to continue my medical education. Antigua, you've made your mark in my world. This inexplicable experience of a lifetime will never be forgotten. I will return.

  4. Faun Thompson says:

    Love this video, but one critique. No mention night life. Yes we lacking in proper night life activities but showcasing one or two night clubs would go a long way in promoting Antigua. We dont want the tourist to spend all their time in the hotel or on the beach. Let them spend some money outside the hotels.

  5. wadadlibabe says:

    @bacaca88 No you're just content with robbing raping and killing your own… that's soooo much better right? The point is one incident that happens in a small island does not compare to the hundreds of incidents that happen in Europe and yes in the UK.

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