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Welcome to Austin, home to nearly 900,000 people. The capital of Texas attracts a number of young, talented university students, which has prompted a good-natured culture war between the newcomers and the city’s longtime residents. So far, the latter group seems to be winning, thanks to their dedication to the Keep Austin Weird campaign. You’ll find elements of this movement throughout the city in the shape of various art installations, eclectic eateries, and murals.

An Austin tour means an adventure in the Live Music Capital of the World, home to festivals celebrating all kinds of tunes. Whether you’re here to listen to blues, country, or a little bit of rockabilly, you’re bound to find exactly what your musical palette desires in this quirky town.

Austin is proud of its citizens, and throughout the city you’ll find monuments of ranchers, prominent musicians, and Civil War heroes. Many of these monuments are located in Austin’s numerous parks, making it an excellent place to get in touch with nature. If relaxing by a fountain seems a little too bohemian for you, visit South Congress Avenue. “SoCo” is a veritable paradise anyone who loves vintage threads and just the right amount of “weird” that makes Austin unique.

Don’t worry about keeping yourself fed – as you’ll notice in your Austin sightseeing adventure, you’ll find a food truck on every street, and bistros, cafes, and restaurants just waiting for you to dive in and sample their culinary offerings.

Whether you’re here for music, food, or to take in the local art scene, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in downtown Austin. Have you been to any of its famous festivals?

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