37 thoughts on “Beijing Travel Guide – Beijing Travel Video

  1. techcheck21 says:

    what's the best time to visit the city from the U.S. price wise anybody knows?
    And also I was looking on google maps and it says from the airport the closest great wall of China is 20 mins away… is that correct?

  2. Jack B says:

    Wow! you have some cracking photos from around the world, did you take them all (the photo album ones)? That festival in Malaysia looked pretty intense, haha. Borocay Island looks more like my kinda place 😉

  3. Daniel Klobucar says:

    I absolutely agree. I've had some miserable weather during my trips, even when it was supposed to be nice. If you are interested in photos from Beijing and other parts of China (as well as other parts of the world), feel free to browse my website (you can find the link in the video description)

  4. Jack B says:

    Thanks for replying. Ah well with the weather, i guess you can't always go on holiday and have the blue sky days. Just a bit of a shame it was a trip to China, which is quite a spectacular and memorable holiday as im sure you will agree

  5. Jack B says:

    Great video! I was in China in October 2011, for a 9 nine day tour of Beijing and Xian, and i had a fantastic time. however the weather was quite foggy/hazy everyday, in Beijing and Xian, not once did i see weather as good as what it is in this video. Did i just get unlucky, or is it that time of year? when was all this filmed? As you can imagine, on a foggy day, sights such as the Great Wall have less of an impact with limited visibility. I had a great time none the less though 🙂

  6. Greg Shake says:

    The best time to tour Beijing in early-mid November… The temperature is reasonable and for tourist November is a not very busy, unlike during the summer… And for those of you wondering the train station is by the Marriott Beijing City Wall Hotel…Great spot to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Daniel Klobucar says:

    @jxskillz I would say September to early November when daytime temperatures hover around 25 degrees Celsius and it is mostly sunny and breezy. March to May can be pleasant too but there is chance of sandstorms. Winters in Beijing are very cold (temperatures could go down to -20 deg Celsius), summers extremely hot (40 deg Celsius). I spent a month there in May and it was fine. Mostly sunny, warm, with a few rainiy days (it seemed that it rained every Thursday lol).

  8. Daniel Klobucar says:

    Hey, thanks. Sure, I'd be happy to answer your questions. I wouldn't like to publish my e-mail address here but you can find my contact info on the website (link to which is posted in my YouTube profile).

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