Beirut Travel Guide

Our Beirut Travel Guide! Friends, I am incredibly proud of this one. It took months of planning and prep to put together our Beirut episode but I hope you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait. Beirut and Lebanon are extraordinary places, an absolute must on any traveler’s bucket list. Great food, warm and generous people, breathtaking scenery, and a fascinating history. I am very, very proud to share our Beirut travel experiences with you.

Thanks to our friends at Banque du Liban Accelerate for supporting us in the creation of this episode –

Our food experts Iffat and Hisham were part of the Taste Lebanon team –

How we film our travel guides –

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31 thoughts on “Beirut Travel Guide

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  2. Chang Ho Cho says:

    I am looking for a lady came from Lebanon. We were classmates in the ENGLISH class (presentation topic NIGHT DREAMS) at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. on 1984. You explained to me about the flag of the Lebanon, CEDARS. You asked me: " DO YOU HAVE RELIGION?" My roommate name was RAUL majoring in the Mechanical engineering. CALL ME !!! I MISS YOU ! 82~51~10~9542~0709 FROM BUSAN,KOREA 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🇱🇧🇰🇷

  3. NicholasJames Smith says:

    Thank you for pointing out the UK has only taken 10000 syrian refugees. Forgetting all the other culture and peoples we have welcomed into the UK. Over millenia. How many Syrian refugees have the US taken? Oh no hang on… the USA are building walls arent they? Do with that information what you will.
    Thanks for showing Beirut though. Middle East as a whole is demonised by the cough Americans.

  4. nour chamas says:

    I'm Lebanese but was born and raised in London, and this travel guide really made me feel proud. I wanna say well done for portraying Beirut as the beautiful and cultural city it is👏🏼

  5. Iain Betson says:

    When I worked in Beirut I rang my travel insurance people and said in a whisper and fingers crossed "I'm going Beirut" "No problem" said my insurer. "Your insurance covers you Worldwide. Except for two cities: Johannesburg and, wait for it, WASHINGTON DC." "Eh why?" I asked "Murder and mugging rate" I was told. True of not that's the terms my insurer imposed. I loved my time in the city. The airport is modern as is the health care (I'm told its the World Capital for plastic surgery). As the video says the food is great. The place is a great melting pot of east meets west. Great French influences and in places extremely rich! The beaches are great – white sand, no tourists. I went to a bar on the beach and in it were pictures of the Rat Pack from the 50s sitting in the actual place I was. At 11.40ish I heard the same thing about war-ing sides carving up the city. I also learned one pastime for the locals was, on Sundays to go into the mountains (which are beautiful) over-looking the city, and watch the rockets like fireworks fly over the city! I hope to go back one day.

  6. galactic reform says:

    one information you gave is wrong. Turkey has welcomed more syrian refugees than any other country in the world. If you say lebanon has welcomed more syrian refugees than any other arab country, that would be right.

  7. Helena S says:

    I love this video!!! There used to be so much stigma around Turkey also (and to an extent there still is) and if I had listened to everyone around me and the media tell me not to go I would not have been able to experience the amazing country that it is! I have many Lebanese friends who travel to Lebanon every summer and have nothing but amazing things to say! I am hoping to visit with a few of them next year. Especially living in Sydney where I've grown up in an area with a large Lebanese population, I've grown up around their culture, with their amazing food, makes me or the more curious and eager to visit!

  8. Indian Ninja says:

    Man. The food in Beirut is so similar to that of India. You call it flat bread we call it Roti/Chapati. You have falafal made up of chickpeas we have similar thing called pakoda. Would love to visit Lebanon one day.
    Love from India.

  9. Barny 31 says:

    Much love and LOGOS from an Irish-English-German-American..The biggest problem with Lebanon and most cultures around the world is the state of Israel and the subversive Joo

  10. Ali Chaabi says:

    I am In Lebanon, and the country is shit. If u live with in the rich area u will feel happy, but the people in the rich area in Lebanon are the one suppressing the poor which is 95% of the population..

  11. Anthony Enright says:

    I was supposed to go to Lebanon in 1983 to fight who i dont know i was a cook in the military so now why do I want to go there.I think it is just a calling I am most impressed with the people and their strong will for a good life.Maybe soon or most likely soon I will go there.

  12. TheJules1003 says:

    The city of my Lebanese husband and after 46 years of marriage and living in Canada Lebanon is always in my husband wherever he goes. Yes where are the camels and tents? LOL LOL. Beirut is the Paris of the Middle East and the Switzerland as well with the beautiful mountains, etc. There is no city like Beirut. Listen to Feirouz song of Beirut and it makes you cry.

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