Coronavirus impacts on airways might imply offers for vacationers

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The impact of the coronavirus is being felt on all levels, especially in the travel industry.

The airline industry could lose a billion dollars due to the outbreak, according to the International Air Transport Association.

Denise Simmons says she won’t get on a plane now.

“That’s where all the coughers are. I see it every time I travel because I travel an awful lot, and it’s like you get on the plane, and there’s always at least five people coughing. So it’s like, no, for right now. If I go somewhere, I’ll drive,” she said.

Those fears, though, could mean savings on flights for passengers.

Airline industry expert Dean Headley says now could be the time to book your flight, if you’re willing to take a gamble.

Headley says when ridership goes down, airlines may offer cheaper flights to get people to fly again.

“Which sounds kind of counterintuitive but we all know that price is what drives people to take a flight,” he said.

Wichitan Jonathan Perez spends half of the month in the air for work. He says he’s going to fly no matter, but he would welcome the discount.

“Take care of yourself and take the precautions that are necessary and continue to look at the news to see where the bigger cases are happening,” said Perez.

Headley says you choose to fly, just remember, you could be quarantined and that would mean more time before getting back home.

Wichita Airport Authority director Valerie Wise points out that there are no travel restrictions on traveling within the United States.

“I would say, if you’re planning on taking vacations, especially the spring break, and you’re not traveling to those restricted countries, I would say, go ahead and make your travel plans,” she said.

The countries the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says you should avoid traveling to China, Iran, Italy and South Korea and reconsider any travel to Japan.

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