A walking tour around the city of Edmonton, capital city of the Province of Alberta, Canada.

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The film chronologically progresses from morning to night, showing daily life around Edmonton.

For those planning on visiting, those who’d like to visit but cannot or those who might be nostalgic and want to re-live their past visits / life there, hopefully this film shall satisfy, time and time again.

Filmed during the summer of 2011.

For more information on Edmonton:


Google Maps:


Filming Equipment:


– Sony HDR AX2000

Camera Accessories:

– Glidecam HD-4000 hand-held camera stabilization (HDR AX2000)
– Glidecam ‘Smooth Shooter’ body mounted camera stabilization system. (HDR AX2000)
– Sennheiser K6 module + ME66 shotgun microphone capsule.
– Manfrotto 701HDV pro fluid video mini head / 055XB tripod legs.

Editing software:

Sony Vegas Pro

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36 thoughts on “EDMONTON | ALBERTA , CANADA – A TRAVEL TOUR – HD 1080P

  1. John Brass says:

    I work in Edmonton but live just outside in St. Albert which is nice
    I wouldn't live here but good place to work.
    I am originally from Durham in England which is full of history which is one thing I miss here

  2. parekh natver says:

    It was an opportunity to visit Edmonton in May 2016 and enjoyed places like jasper avenue, West Edmonton Mall, Kingsway Mall, City Centre Mall, Down town, Mill wood transit centre and so many places..I will always remember the same..Thank you Edmonton,Canada.

  3. Michael Gabriel says:

    Please take down this video.
    I am an Edmontonian and this video does not properly represent Edmonton today.
    What we should see is the skyline as it glistens today, since the City Centre Municipal Airport was closed and the downtown towers have grown to over 40 stories.
    Edmonton is internationally recognized as 'festival city', with the largest number of international music & arts festivals represented in one city.
    As an added bonus, Edmonton is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with over 90 different nationalities well represented and flourishing.
    People come to Edmonton and appreciate the sense of acceptance and respect for their own unique & diverse cultures.
    Trump that, Trump!

  4. Anne Ward Neville says:

    Edmonton is a city (1million population!) that has everything to offer from the best entertainment, most artistic, from active to peaceful and pastoral. I enjoy all aspects of the city I love…Edmonton!
    It would be wonderful to update this video..Edmonton looks very different in 2019, even though it’s still the best city to live in,anywhere!!

  5. Arleigh Allen says:

    Come see our wonderful potholes also world renown construction on every street step outside and be greeted by our abundance of magpies and crows stroll downtown and say hello to the multitude of our friendly panhandlers and junkies and before you leave our great city give our douchebag mayor a friendly kick in the nuts

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