Guide To Richmond Night Market (2019) | Vancouver BC Travel Guide

It’s that time of year again. I’m back at the Richmond Night Market in Richmond B.C. to show you guys what you can expect to see in 2019. Lots of new vendors to check I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

If you’re in Vancouver over the summer I recommend you check it out. You can easily get there by skytrain.

If you want to see more of the Richmond night market leave a comment below

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28 thoughts on “Guide To Richmond Night Market (2019) | Vancouver BC Travel Guide

  1. Sam & Dan says:

    The admission of $4.75 is a joke and it increases $0.50 year over year. Except for that, they do have new vendors with novelty food every year and it's great for foodies to visit every summer and get great pictures for Instagram lol. I realize every year I go there, I always end up trying the same food such as big g deep fried chicken cutlet and chef James lamb skewers, BBQ squid, German roasted hock and takoyaki. I find most of these vendors already had brick and mortar restaurants in the city so i can just go there any day when I feel like eating.
    Thanks for sharing Dave. It is always a pleasure watching your videos and learning something new about our beautiful city.

  2. Xcast Ruckeysquad says:

    i went there last month and it was a blast,

    another place id recomend for drinks in there is mangoo, they had this multilayered rainbow smoothie which was great. it has mango strawberry blueberry and kiwi (and maybe something else but i cannot remember

  3. Richard Vue says:

    A few of my cousins and I were just there this weekend. Its always such a nice place to get out and enjoy good food and such. Yeah it's a bit expensive but coming from Seattle, we don't have anything like this so we had to try basically everything and played some of the carnival games! Highly recommend for anyone who hasn't visited yet.

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