Holidays 2020: The finest worth all-inclusive locations for Britons revealed | Travel News | Travel

Emma Coulthurst, travel commentator from the holiday price comparison site, said: “Holidays are really important to Brits. But, keeping within a budget is really important to them. Volatile euro exchange rates over the last few years have also been drawing people to all-inclusive.

“Sterling has been strengthening recently against the euro and other currencies but holidaymakers are still showing that knowing how much the majority of the holiday is going to cost up front is really important to them.”

Ms Coulthurst added that the appeal of all-inclusive holidays is the guaranteed savings. “The only spending money they then need to factor in on top is for souvenirs, additional drinks (for example, specialist spirits might not be included), day trips and any meals out (if you want to, that is),” she said.

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