How to Easily Get Around Barcelona | Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog

Chris Staudinger from the Expedia Viewfinder travel blogs shares his insiders tips for navigating Barcelona. Get more travel tips on

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3 thoughts on “How to Easily Get Around Barcelona | Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog

  1. Claire says:

    Hi! I'm from Barcelona and I totally recommend T-10, easy way to be able to take whatever public transport you want to take. But, make sure there are not others that suit you more like T-Dia (ilimitated travels for a day) or T-50/30 (50 travels for a whole month). Check it and inform yourself and as a Barcelona citizen I'm gonna say that try to avoid "bitllet senzill" (just 1 travel and expensive) and use T-10 instead. I've been using T-10 all my life and, believe me, it's the best option. Enjoy Barcelona! Disfruteu Barcelona, us esperem 🙂

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