Japan: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar 2/5

Japan: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar gives you all the info you need to explore the land of the rising sun. Learn some basics about the country, including what you have to do & see once you arrive, when it’s best to travel and which food & drinks you definitely need to enjoy throughout your journey.
Japan remains one of the most intensely fascinating places in the world, effortlessly intertwining modernity and tradition. Seek serenity in Kyoto by visiting one of thousands of temples spread throughout this former capital, or go skiing in Niseko or summit Mt. Fuji. Of course you can also kick back in one of the country’s many hot springs, where the rich mountain minerals will leave your skin feeling brand new. Once you’ve achieved maximum relaxation, hit up Tokyo’s bustling night life or go hiking in Kamakura.

What Japan lacks in square footage it makes up for in endless options for your itinerary. In this case, size definitely doesn’t matter! Consider booking a tour that allows you to see all of the country’s unique highlights, without missing the subtleties you can enjoy as a backpacker: http://www.tourradar.com/d/japan

Remember to pack clothes appropriate for the region you’re visiting, and if you’re planning on travelling from the North to the South outside of summer months, make sure you bring everything from flip-flops to snow boots.

Japan’s currency is the Japanese Yen. Credit card and debit transactions aren’t common, so be sure to bring plenty of cash with you no matter where you travel within the country. Dining out doesn’t have to be expensive if you visit the right restaurants, and you can often enjoy a pre-fix menu for lunch for a very reasonable cost. Be sure to sample the Japanese whiskeys, as Japan is an expert whiskey distiller!

— About Japan —

With a population of nearly 130 million, this island nation is resides in the Pacific Ocean and has everything from dense cities to mountainous national parks. You’ll discover that there’s countless reasons to move Japan up to the #1 spot on your bucket list. Sixty-six percent of the country is covered by trees and the Japanese enjoy the highest life expectancy in the world at 83.7 years.

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50 thoughts on “Japan: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar 2/5

  1. Miss U.K. says:

    I’m in Japan at the moment. This documentary is just right. I wish I could live here. A unique country with the kindest and most well mannered people! The whole planet should be like them, then life would much more peaceful…

  2. Nikki M says:

    Came back from Japan 4 days ago. I miss it so much =( The food, the people, the culture – everything! You're literally changed once you visit this amazing country.

  3. Ken Collard says:

    I really want to go to Japan but at the moment in time have got to
    pay off a bill but I watch only in Japan . Will go soon unfortunately have got to pay single supplement so will cost about £5000.

  4. Patrick Smith says:

    All of the lands in Japan already contaminated with Nuclear(Radiation things) … please do not go there and do not eat something… it is very dangerous. Most of food products in Japan have been manufacuted with something from Fukushima. Japan goverment is hiding it. Tokyo Olympics 2020 must be canceled immediately! Share this post so everyone can see it!

  5. John Klimek says:

    I really love this video, thank you. This looks so much better, than my country. I am from the Czech Republic, and I think that Japan has much more to offer. The biggest different would be the people – I think Japanese nation is one of the calmest one in the world.
    Next thing is the gardens full of sakuras – I love this flower. And continue to the ZEN style, which is something that my country misses.
    Overall I think that life in Japan is much more enjoyable, and one day I want to visit this country.
    Dōmo arigatō
    Puraha kara no go aisatsu

  6. Hirami says:

    Nice video, but you really should take the little effort of finding out how to properly pronounce japanese words when you insist on using them.
    Sounds plain awful.

  7. Kymo x says:

    Hey guys where can i travel in Japan thats not so mainstream but still has alot of activities to do? I don't like the fact that its very crowded but I would really like to visit Japan.

  8. G Carmel says:

    About face masks in Japan: 1. You don't want to get the cold from other people. 2. If you have a cold and you don't want to give it to other people. 3. To prevent hay-fever (cedar trees produce a lot of pollen). Thanks.

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