London Walk, The Queen's Walk (South Bank) — Walking Tour 4K 🇬🇧

Welcome to LONDON, England. This is a new virtual city walking tour, along the Queen’s Walk during the sunset. Let’s walk from Southwark Bridge to London Bridge, Inc. The Shard, Hays Galleria, London & Bridge Station. A South Bank walk watching the skyline. Slow TV Video 4K Walk by Wanna Walk

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The Queen’s Walk is probably one of the best walking experiences in England. A never ending parade cruise boats travelling up and down the Thames River. This area is ranked as one of the best for walking and sightseeing. Pedestrian walkway is several miles long and passes some of London’s most popular tourist and visitor attractions around the south bank of the River Thames. From here you can see the old Tower, skyscrapers in the financial district, St. Paul Cathedral and more. Also, you can eat at the Borough Market. So what’s popular? Westminster Bridge, Foster’s County Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Hayward Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall, National Theatre, National Film Institute, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe and more.

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Why Southbank is such great place to walk? There are plenty of family-friendly activities lined up along a pedestrianized river bank, between Westminster Bridge and Waterloo Bridge. Expect a casual relaxed atmosphere. This is a wonderful place to admire the city.

The Queen’s Walk (South Bank) — Walking Tour 4K 🇬🇧Best City Walking Tours Guide and Free Walks and Virtual Walking Tour 4K – Street videography or videowalk is a virtual travel video that shows you what the city looks like on youtube. Watch the real streets of this city in england with natural sound. Let’s take a virtual walking tour one of the best cities in the world. Virtual travel: Let’s listen the ambient sounds of the city like if you are in the middle of the action:’London 4K’ Slow television or ‘slow tv’. Virtual city view: Top things to see and do in here because it’s a popular area best to walk, shop, relax and eat.

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The Queen’s Walk is a promenade located on the southern bank of the River Thames in London, England, between Lambeth Bridge and Tower Bridge and Wanna Walk is probably the best virtual walking tour and videowalk travel youtube channel today, street walk youtube. This is city videowalk along one of the coolest areas to explore in UK. A convenient route of several miles for tourists to walk. Numerous attractions around Tower Bridge. During the walk, you can also visit the Tate Modern Gallery. Wanna Walk Video Walks, Walking tour 4K.

This is what it’s great about England UK: you are a few minutes walking from everything, actionkid, prowalks and Wanna Walk are great youtube travel channels. A flair and style and you cannot leave South Bank without a visit of this area. Virtual Walking Tour in 4k

London Walk on The Queen’s Walk, UK
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There are tons of things to see and do in London so after walk here be sure to see to visit the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Shard, (West End Shopping Street, Regent St, Shard of Glass, Buckingham Palace, Great Britain is an island separated from the European mainland by the Channel and North Sea. It comprises the nations of England, Scotland and Wales.

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LONDON is the capital and largest city of both England and of the United Kingdom and the largest city in the European Union. Official population of about 8 million and 15 million including the metropolitan area: virtual tour, virtual walk, wanderlust, This is the UK Today. After all, this is a walkable city, one of the most foot friendly cities in the world. This is a ‘virtual walking tour’ a great tool for for Planning a journey to England (London Walk Tour). LONDON 4K

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Travel videos, travel guide, things to know before you go, tourists traveling now. An elegant, vibrant and modern European metropolis. United Kingdom Vacation Travel Video Guide. Best London Walking Tour 4K and City virtual travel tours Walking on Oxford Street, Walking Tour 4K, City sounds for sleep

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    When I was studying in London (at the Royal College of Art) back between 2000-02, I discovered these beautiful walks along Southbank and it gave me a lot of comfort that something so nice could be completely free (I was very poor). I think it was when I truly fell in love with walking.

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