Moscow Russia 4K. Capital of Russia

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Ever wondered what modern Moscow looks like ? This video will show you the real Moscow, streets, cars and people of Moscow. Hope you enjoy! #moscow #russia

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41 thoughts on “Moscow Russia 4K. Capital of Russia

  1. Dave Mason says:

    I was in Moscow in 1968. Not any longer the same city. No longer oppressive feeling. Everything now looks so bright and snappy! The ladies, though, are still as good looking as ever!

  2. Blackbird A says:

    I always thought that Moscow is a depressed placed, so are the rest of Russia, but this video changed up my mind…. clean city, respectful ppl, hot girls & low crime level…. Russians just need to be more opened to the rest of the world. ..greetings from Arabia.

  3. Satya Nagaraja says:

    Another fine "docu-travel guide" from RussianPlus. I've been in Moscow some 20 years ago and from this I see that a LOT has changed for the better — more glamorous like many other European capitals. Makes me want to go there again

  4. Adolfo Hermida says:

    Woo! the city makes fell in love to anyone! but for Latin people, is very awkward don´t receive a smile in exchange, we always smile if we ask, buy, or say hello! is not a fake, but something that comes from inside

  5. ArcadeWizard 1 says:

    Lovely place Russia, The People are more natural Women are beautiful and to speak to. Back in the west its a GREEDY ATMOSPHERE majority of People are selfish and greedy. The women are stuck up There is too much Want, Want. And want more atitude.

  6. Aidan des Mittleren Westen says:

    Yeah income gap. Moscow is super developed, like you said, everything is centered around Moscow. It's also the cultural epicenter so they keep it super clean and prestigious. So Moscow is full of people who in America would be middle class or above. St. Petersburg is also quite developed but not to the extent of Moscow.

  7. Polly Purree says:

    I was there in 1991 as a tourist when it was the former communist Soviet Union. I got caught unawares in the middle of the revolution that overthrew communism. It was a major dump. Dingy, dirt poor, virtually no cars. Shops had hardly any merchandise. Alcoholism ran rampant. It looks totally unrecognizable in this video. Capitalism looks good there.

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