Napoli Drone Video Tour | Expedia

Check out the best sights and attractions Naples, Italy has to offer through aerial drone footage of the city.

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27 thoughts on “Napoli Drone Video Tour | Expedia

  1. Mc Mc says:

    napoli é fantastica,i napoletani l hanno rovinata.senso civico pari a zero.quando un napoletano esce.da napolo viene visto per quello che é…scostumato e senza rispetto.educazione zero!!!

  2. Pablo Sweaters says:

    Hello Expedia,

    I'm a Producer for Triple Threat TV and we're working with FOX on an upcoming Soccer Project profiling young rising players.

    I'm interested in this video.

    Would it be possible to have permission to use this video and if so, is there a high-resolution versions of it?

    Also, is this the best way of contact regarding footage usage?

    Thank you,
    Matt Andreana
    Triple Threat TV
    (203) 682 – 6100

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