New York Full Tourist Guide 🇺🇸 The Best Places in NY City -Travel & Discover

The most interesting places to visit in New York City

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44 thoughts on “New York Full Tourist Guide 🇺🇸 The Best Places in NY City -Travel & Discover

  1. AnSonn xtv says:

    Barring the voice factor, this video is really good .Covers a great deal of the Big Apple's most important sights and then the smaller ones too ; which go to make up a wonderful metropolis.So stuff the cotton and sally forth ,you won't be disappointed.

  2. Helen Murphy says:

    go to chelsea visit the malibu diner at 163 w 23 st between 6th and 7th aves and on w 24 st between 6th and 7th ave is adollar store that sells brand named stuff. take no 1 train to w 23 st nyc , and visions services for the blind w 2 st nyc 212-646-4444 helps the blind

  3. Clint Liu says:

    The list might be good but I can't make it through. That cheesy background music and pretentious narrator voice are such irritating combination that I want to blow the person's head off whoever made this video.

  4. sean li says:

    Sorry to rain on tourists parades but mainly Manhattan is the only part of nyc that has good places to visit. Visit queens, my burrow got nothing. Same for brooklyn Bronx and probably Staten Island

  5. sean li says:

    I am so done with tourists. Every day I go to school and some tourist with luggage 9/10 times just shoves me and walks in the cart without a word. Not saying everyone but it happens nearly daily. Once was late to school cause a tourist caused a major 7 train delay when they threw a cup of coffee on the third rail of the seven train and then somehow the styrofoam and the water from the coffee sucked the electricity out of the third rain

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