Sardinia Italy – The Bluest water in the world

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Sardinia Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world! As we walked along the coastline of Sardinia, the smell of fresh bougainvillea permeated the air as though we had entered a secret serene garden. The sun shined down onto the crystal clear cerulean Sea, illuminating the waters and creating a sparkle effect, dancing in unison on the surface. This was not the Italy we knew before. This was an entirely new world to explore. This was Sardinia.

Just south of Corsica France, Sardinia’s coast had been beckoning us to visit for years, as though it knew we would fall in love with this Mediterranean island lifetimes before stepping onto it. The northeastern coastline of Sardinia, known as the Costa Smeralda, is notorious as the playground for sailing and the rich & famous. Yachts flood the glamorous town of Porto Cervo in the summer months and create an alternate utopian universe for Europe’s bourgeois to rub shoulders. While the Costa Smeralda may be known as the summer playground for the elite, there is so much more that it offers.
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48 thoughts on “Sardinia Italy – The Bluest water in the world

  1. Decent Bloke says:

    I’m going there in a week gonna stay in a large resort stationed in between the beautiful tall rocky hills and the indigo water of Sardinia I went there once when I was 8 it was the best holiday of my life so I’m going again

  2. Jeff Peterson says:

    Was that a left hand drive vehicle? And were you driving on the right side of the road? I'm planning a trip to Italy in a couple months and we are considering finishing up in Sardinia. Probably 5 or 6 days. Do you recommend renting a car and is it affordable?

  3. Sandra Pisu-Jocic says:

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  4. pippoo says:

    You visited and showed a very small portion of Sardinan coastline: the most expensive and the most pretentious. If people want to get to know a little bit of Sardinia they have to totally avoid Costa Smeralda. That's a place for pigs like Berlusconi… P.S. There is no Cala Luna in Costa Smeralda. That's lots of miles South: google it.

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