Shanghai Travel Guide

Our Shanghai Travel Guide! It’s finally here, thanks for being so patient everyone. And thanks to our friends at Cathay Pacific for partnering with us on our Shanghai episode and the rest of Season 3 as we discover a #LifeWellTravelled – find out more at

Shanghai is an intense city on all levels. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the stories, Shanghai rewards the curious traveller around every corner. We spent 5 days exploring this incredible city and we can’t wait to get back.

Thanks to Kyle from UnTour Food Tours for showing us around Shanghai’s incredible food scene. Check them out at

How we film our travel guides –

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36 thoughts on “Shanghai Travel Guide

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  2. Yiwen Sun says:

    Honestly I don’t use cash anymore, so I think one of my advice is to try having Alipay or WeChat Pay before you come. I heard that it is hard for foreigners, but it’s equally hard to pay with cash since a lot of places don’t even stock up on changes…

  3. Yiyin Mariska says:

    I went there last week, what i hate the most is i cant open safari, all google apps, social media…i can only using wechat. I have to use VPN that i need to purchase (no free VPN works there)…there is no use using local SIM CARD, bcz i cant open all the apps…

  4. Xiao Hei. we are all equal says:

    America is a free country, except Americans don't realize that they snatch the freedom of other countries. Oh, what about Tiananmen square? Yeah, let us discuss that while we ignore the massacre of millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

  5. Fear57 says:

    In Kane & Lynch 2, you play in a crime ridden area in this gorgeous city. Small game, but packs a punch of environment. When you're not being shot at by Police or other criminals it makes you want to explore the city. The game captured its beauty perfectly, only instead of a peaceful city, it's a dark criminal underworld play ground. I've loved the city ever since playing the game and if I ever get a passport I'd love to visit.

  6. Newman Tractor says:

    Such an awesome video! China is such an awesome place and you really captured it with this vlog. We just returned from Shanghai and made a video as well. Thank you for making vlogs like this to that help others experience it and inspiring us to do the same!

  7. 아침바다 says:

    209 taxi rank [택시 랭크] 택시 승차장
    302 by far [ 바이 파알] 단연코/훨씬
    by far the best 월등히 좋은, 출중한 better by far 훨씬 좋은
    too expensive by far 너무 비싼

    334 in the run-up to the ~(날짜, 사건) 특정 사건으로 이어지는 기간
    337 infrastructure [인'프라스트락쳘]사회 기반 시설       
    aggressively [어그래씨블리] 공격적으로

    407 hot sticky summer [스티키] 덥고 끈적거리는 여름
    416 kiosk system [키아스크 시스템] 정보 안내 시스템

    431 worth~ ~할 만한 가치가 있다.
    452 be sure to plan accordingly 꼭 상황에 맞게 계획을 짜라

  8. Jordan Rayburn says:

    You're channel is easily the most comprehensive and best travel Channel YouTube. I appreciate every video you do and I feel im more prepared before I go. Simple tips like the pin code in this video is so valuable. Thanks guys!

  9. JAFricanKing says:

    I have a question. I'm planning a vacation this Winter 2019 to Shanghai for Disney and other fun stuff but my main focus will be to shop for "Fancy Claw Rhinestone Jewelry" and "100 gross Rhinestone 6A bags". Where would be the best place to find this in Shanghai?

  10. ChasedPuppet says:

    Do not try to buy antiquities, most of them are fake. And may cause you trouble when leaving the country. Street food and family run restaurants are awesome. Do not eat in chains or malls only

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