St. Petersburg Travel Guide

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Our St Petersburg travel guide! Wow, what a place. Our first Russia adventure and we were captivated by the people, the history, and the food.

St Petersburg is a complicated city but it’s worth taking the time to explore and understand everything this place has to tell you.

Thanks to our friends at the Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg for helping us bring our St Petersburg Travel Guide to you.

How we film our travel guides –

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25 thoughts on “St. Petersburg Travel Guide

  1. Eduardo Lomocso says:

    Excellent guide video. The voice and the body language; professional and welcoming to the watched like me. Hope to see more of Russia from your amazing intelligence-guiding skills.- from the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  2. kochilar says:

    I am sorry but you’re dead wrong about the city being neglected during Soviet times. Leningrad was still the country’s cultural capital, and it was regarded as the hero city after WWII.

  3. venya erofeew says:

    Guys!!!!! no one go to main building of hermitage, only tourists go there, russian tourists as well. You have to visit shchukin collections, which consist of matiss, picasso, mane, van gogh, malevich, kandinskiy and so on. This collection was in france for two month in 2018 and over 1million people attended it. But few people know about this collention, it placed in another building, but this is also hermitage. In main building nothing interesting, art has to be modern!

  4. Aleksa Gordic says:

    1:25 – transport (Pulkovo airport, bus 39, uber, taxi, metro…)
    5:20 – food
    7:30 – best food in St. Petersburg?
    8:10 – Ginza project is a nice place to try out the fish specialty, street food
    9:20 – vodka
    11:55 – St. Petersburg donuts
    12:55 – money and how expensive is St. Petersburg
    15:00 – tipping (10% is more than enough probably depends on where you go)
    visa, mastercard (debit and credit cards) are widely accepted
    15:50 – about safety

  5. Pale Dolphin says:

    I live in Saint-Pete's more than 9 years now, and it's absolutely one of the best places to visit, especially if this is your first time in Russia. People are friendly, English-speakers are abundant (most of the youth speaks English, to some extent), city is safe, and service is generally at pretty high level. Bunch of good places to eat, drink or just chill with a hookah. Lots and lots of city parks and lakes, and don't forget about all the fountains, museums and galleries. Wild parks on the outskirts are a must see too! Thank you for such a comprehensive city guide, I'll definitely recommend to my friends abroad!

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