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St. Petersburg is a city dipped in gold. Visit Russia’s imperial city, a true rival to other great European cities. Travelers will find many marvels on and beyond the river banks.

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A striking city resting on the banks of the Neva River, #StPetersburg has long been a draw for lovers of architecture and tours often begin with the city’s legendary structures.

A #vacation here means entering a world of towering cathedrals, palaces, and gardens, many of them from the 18th century. Additional wonders have been added by Russian royalty as the decades passed Walk through the Palace Square, home of the Winter Palace, or #visit to the gold-plated dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral for astonishing views of the city.

Continue your #sightseeing by taking a boat ride down the river to Peterhof Gardens & Palace. This gilded structure and its lush array of plant life is a popular place for a quiet walk in nature or to reflect upon the engineering marvel of its 60 fountains.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. AnSonn xtv says:

    Once upon a time in the fairytale kingdom of St.Petersberg … I suppose the only way to describe this enchanting city . Simply sweeps you off your feet and leaves you breathless .Beg,borrow or steal …!

  2. Zheng Wei says:

    Greetings from Singapore! I'm blown away by the majesty and grandeur of Saint Petersburg! I actually think the music and video complements the striking colors of the cityscape, highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of it. What is the music used?

  3. Sir Psycho Sexy says:

    Does anyone know how the evening admission works for St. Isaac's and the Colonnaded Walkway? It seems you can't buy evening tickets online as far as I can tell? Can someone please advise who's been recently?

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