‘The Ultimate The Walking Dead Travel Guide’ video

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There’s nothing like a walk down memory lane, and a new video from AMC and The Walking Dead features a traveller’s guide to the colonies – past and present – that have played important roles on the show over the past few seasons.

The Ultimate TWD Travel Guide is a tongue in cheek video travel guide, complete with a pleasant female narrator who cheerfully talks about each colony’s bloody history as if she is describing a tropical resort. In fact, the video is so tongue in cheek it’s downright creepy. (It’s actually a lot like the Star Tours travel agent offering luxury trips to Alderaan…)

The video is just under twenty minutes long and it covers everything from Hilltop to the Sanctuary, Alexandria to Oceanside, and just about every other key location. The narrator talks about some of the technology housed within each colony, including which colonies have power, filtered water, communication devices and medical facilities.

WATCH: The Ultimate TWD Travel Guide from AMC

When it comes to colonies and locations that have fallen, the narrator talks about the location’s history instead. “Time and seasons wore away the Kingdom so it’s no longer open to visitors,” the narrator says, still in that creepily pleasant voice.

As travel videos go, this one might top the list of places you don’t want to visit on The Travel Channel’s top-10 list. However, for the members of the TWD Family who yearn for the days when the colonies were thriving, the video offers a look back at when the colonies were at their peak.

It’s a nice change ahead of the season 10 finale, which will almost certainly offer death and the destruction of even more places the survivors currently call home.

Of all the colonies in The Walking Dead, which one would you want to visit? Where would you call home? Let us know in the comments section!

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