Trailblazing girls encourage Lonely Planet’s new journey information – Travel Weekly

Travel publisher Lonely Planet has launched a new guide to places where female activists, artists, path-breakers, and icons have studied, lived, worked, reigned, and explored.

In Her Footsteps highlights the world’s best feminist bookstores, sites for goddess worship, stories of female pirates and their favourite haunts, and queer pioneers who were well ahead of their time.

Readers can discover the landmarks of female achievement across the globe, from ancient temples locked in the annals of history to the famous houses of parliament featured in today’s front pages.

In Her Footsteps documents the impact of over 200 incredible women from all walks of life – including Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, Queen Seondeok, and Greta Thunberg – and celebrates their legacies.

Australian women profiled include artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye, writer and feminist Miles Franklin, botanical artist Marianne North, pilot Nancy Bird Walton, athlete Cathy Freeman, and activist Truganini.

The guide is being retailed for $34.99.

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