Travel's 20 best places to visit in 2020

Regardless of whether you need to unwind on a remote island off the shoreline of Africa, ride Germany’s coolest trains or spot wailing monkeys in South America, there is a lot to investigate heading into another decade in 2020. 
Japan will have the Summer Olympics, Jamaica will check the late Bob Marley’s 75th birthday celebration, and Washington will be on a tingling sensation for a great part of the year planning for the US presidential political decision. 
In any case, the world is obviously in change. As CNN Travel editors accumulated to select a portion of their preferred spots for our yearly rundown, we saw the Assam district emit in brutality over India’s enemy of Muslim enactment and Zimbabwe wracked by dry spell.
We don’t know whether Chile’s long-planned celebration around the December solar eclipse could be overtaken by continued protests in the streets or whether Galway, Ireland, will be hurt by the ongoing Brexit debate in the UK.
And yet we must travel to see destinations other than our own, expand our knowledge of our planet and celebrate the beauty of human accomplishment and natural wonders all over the world.

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