Visit DC – The DON'Ts of Visiting Washington, DC

What tourists should not do when they visit Washington, D.C. From safety issues for car break ins, to overdoing it with the amazing free Smithsonian museums, to not being able to find a restaurant in the District, there are a number of Don’ts of visiting Washington, D.C. This video covers what tourists, travelers and visitors to the US capital should know before they visit DC so they can have the best visit possible.
Filmed in Washington, D.C.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

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33 thoughts on “Visit DC – The DON'Ts of Visiting Washington, DC

  1. Jacob Taggart says:

    An advice I can give is when you drive in DC, be prepared when you are at a red light to slam your gas pedal at the green light. If you don’t you will be honked at when it turns green. The drivers are impatient.

  2. Tyler Balcom says:

    I’ve been installing, servicing and repairing elevators & escalators my entire life and you’re not supposed to walk on an escalator period. So that rule walk on the left stand on the right is non existing. Escalators can be extremely dangerous, even though they resemble stairs they should never be used as them. Just stand and ride.

  3. Rosa Flack says:

    I love in D.C. and all these are Totally right when we go to a Nationals game so much people stand on every side of the metro and someone was eating on the metro once 🚇 and they spilt all there food😂😂😂

  4. michelle bostic says:

    Visitors are encouraged to put their feet in the fountain at the WW II Memorial. Also, visit Arlington Cemetery, but please be respectful. I hate seeing groups of school kids walking around being loud and horse playing. And go to the Union Station food court if you wanna save some money.

  5. Angela Mitchel says:

    If driving in DC

    1. Don’t be afraid of parking. You will be very lucky to find any spot at all
    2. Don’t take your sweet time parking. If parallel parking, you will have a long line of cars waiting for you to park … especially on main roads!!!!
    3. MAKE SURE YOU ARE LEGALLY PARKED!!! The cops in dc are brutal when hading out tickets. If your meter gets expired by even 5-10 minutes, don’t be surprised if you have a ticket.
    4. Cops also will give you tickets for expired tags/etc. Even if you are parked correctly, you can still get tickets for other reasons so be up to date on those
    5. DO NOT STICK OUT OF YOUR SPOT!! If you are sticking out of a spot too far (parallel parking) you can get a ticket*** Get nice and cozy with the curb and make sure you are not blocking traffic
    6. Do not be scared of the skinny lanes. When driving in the neighborhoods (especially Georgetown) the roads get very narrow and it is extremely annoying when people stop in the middle of the road to let another car through, even though they fit. Also … don’t drive in the center of the road. Get as close to the parked cars as possible on 2 way roads to allow the other person through. There are situations when both of you cannot fit, so just make it as fast as possible.
    7. When the light is green … IT IS GREEN!!!! Pay close attention to the gps, because if a light is green and you are trying to decide whether to turn or stay straight. Go straight. There will be plenty of opportunities to turn and people have places to be. Do not block a lane.
    8. Pedestrians have right away. If you have a green light to turn left and the pedestrians to your left have a green light. They go. They will go, and they will not stop for you. If they have a green light and a truck is barreling towards them. They trust their light and will walk. Don’t question a pedestrian’s trust with their light. They will also walk even if they don’t have a light. So just be careful for pedestrians and ALWAYS check before turning. (just make it quick)
    9. If parking in dc, use parkmobile … just do it. It makes dealing with parking slots so much easier and you can just refill your meter on your phone. Park mobile spots are pretty much every spot in dc … just get it.
    10. If this is too complicated for you. good. Stick with an uber. Leave driving to the locals.

  6. J Luke says:

    you live in a tourist attraction so deal with it or live somewhere else bunch of f’n don’ts these people are on a vacation and I’m sure you dc peeps don’t know shit about where you go on vacation

  7. Christina H. says:

    every time I'm in D.C. I just look for ways to get the hell out of there. Other than the Smithsonian museums, it's a crowded, unfriendly place. I live in historic Fredericksburg and that's also a big joke. Just a smaller town but at least there are nicer people.

  8. Kayla Valdellon says:

    Omg the whole standing on the right is a must! The other day I was rushing to get to work on time, and a group decided to stand on the left (just so they can stand next to their friends). I get that if I didn’t want to be late, I should have left earlier, but there were also others behind me that wanted to walk by. Even though an escalator ride can take like 30 seconds, 30 seconds can make a difference for some.

  9. Blake Vernon says:

    Forgot the most important which is just because weed is legal doesn't mean tourists can smoke it outside or on federal property. I've heard of many tourists making that mistake and facing serious consequences

  10. Reaction Boss says:

    Unfortunately I'm coming during the 8th grade season because I am an 8th grader this year lol.
    (I apologize in advance to any locals watching if you unknowingly see/hear any of my classmates being disrespectful, some of them are real a-holes)

  11. andrej coleman says:

    Another thing is don't stay in the downtown area, as a DC native I can tell you the museums are awesome and everything but you got to check out other places in DC like the national arboretum and the Georgetown waterfront (great places to eat all along).

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