What is a Venue Fee? The Latest Sneaky Fee in Las Vegas

What’s this? A new fee in Las Vegas??? Yup! Learn all about the Venue Fee, the latest outrageous fee to hit Las Vegas. Las Vegas hotels, bars, and clubs have recently introduced some sneaky new charges on top of hated resort fees and parking fees making your trip to Las Vegas even more expensive. First reported by Vital Vegas, a recent guest at Park MGM questioned why his two drinks at the Mama Rabbit Mezcal and Tequila Bar came with a service charge. The bill – totaling $38.00 – increased to $43.04 after $3.14 sales tax and an ambiguous $1.90 service charge.

Another guest – under the Twitter handle “NotFromConcentrate” – noticed he, too, incurred such random charges at Park MGM. He reached out to MGM Resorts for an explanation.

This charge you’re seeing is a venue fee,” the casino operator explained. “It is not only applied for table service, but for bar service as well, and is being applied to every check in the venue.”

Venue Fee = in case you’re not staying with us to charge a resort fee, or didn’t drive to charge you to park, this is our last attempt to ram this bat wrapped in barbed wire up your ass fee… *note – extra lube fee may be applicable

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30 thoughts on “What is a Venue Fee? The Latest Sneaky Fee in Las Vegas

  1. ftworthxxx says:

    People are no longer just bitching about these outrageous fees. The fees are being cited as a major reason for the drop off in tourism to Las Vegas, along with high prices, increasingly worse gaming odds for the players, and impersonal service.

  2. OG Readmore says:

    I can see resorts charging a Room Service fee next, charging per day for fresh tools and amenities…. because WHY NOT? Palms Place does that if you are an Air BNB guest they offer it at like 30$ a day I believe…. so nothing is stoping everyone else doing so. 

    Vegas is going to keep charging fees until people stop going…. too many cheap skates cruising around the strip looking and not spending so I totally see why they are charging for a few bucks for a drink fee. Gotta get the money out of everyone somehow.

  3. sarin216 says:

    I just came back from Vegas yesterday. And our whole group agreed it will probably be our last trip. The fees added up to more than the hotel room rate. It's hard to have fun with all the silly fees

  4. Aniko Varga says:

    Is there any way to find out about these additional fees before we get to pay? If we ask them, do they have to be honest about it and tell us? I’m from the UK so even the tax not being included in the price is crazy to me. When I found out about the resort fee I literally changed my 4 days staying on the Strip to 2 days. These fees are really off putting

  5. mickie murphy 🖤 says:

    Idk if you know anything about this, but the Monorail now has a cost. I really enjoy your videos about Vegas, so I was surprised when we went last weekend and there is a $5 one way ticket cost. Unless you covered this in a video already, I apologize. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

  6. Ms. Smith says:

    Most people complaining don't know how to travel on a budget. I stayed at the Marriott by the convention center (no fees and free breakfast) and we only ate with Groupon deals and certificates from Restaurant.com (we called/emailed all the places to make sure they would accept the certificate) and we found some great family owned places in the process! We bought uber gift cards before we left (our local grocery store gave out 4x the fuel points in exchange for buying gift cards) so I saved money on my gas at home 👍 I booked flight/hotel/airport shuttle on expedia.com and saved a TON of money.

  7. Videogame Vegas says:


    Yeah, soon they'll be additional fees, specifically charged, to those who get charged fees.

    But to be serious for a moment, it's sickening. These excuses by big corporations to explain why they need to charge these fees are utterly comical. What's sad is some people will actually believe the "wifi charge" shtick. Companies charge these fees for two simple reasons. 1. Because they can and 2. Because they can get away with it. They know they have to give some kind of explanation to appease the masses, just know that the excuses they give are not the truth. This is why you'll never see them backup these "reasons" by producing real data for the public to see. There are no checks and balances, the extra money never trickles down to the employees of these grand hotels, and the only ones who benefit from the extra profit are the already rich CEO's and Shareholders. They'll run these scams until there's no more money left for them to scam.

    The last time I went to Las Vegas was in 2017 and I haven't been back since (I used to go 1 to 3 times a year when I started going to Vegas back in 2000). The fee thing and the nickel and dime thing have gotten way out of control. I'm a firm believer in speaking with my wallet. Not just saying it, but doing it. There are others out there like me, not many, but there are. When enough people get fed up with this, things will change… Or not… but I won't contribute to it anymore.

    Las Vegas isn't the same place I loved. I no longer feel welcomed, quite the opposite, always anticipating the next scam. And scam is an apt word. Vegas, to me, right now, is a scam.

    I have "My Vegas" at home now, dedicated a room in my house, an exercise room, replete with a huge framed picture of the Strip (just before City Center was built), A color-changing jellyfish tank (ala Mandalay Bay), Star Trek memorabilia (ala Hilton's Star Trek The Experience), lots of Coca Cola & M&M merchandise (Showcase Mall), Hershey Store plushes (NY NY), a shot glass collection (one for each trip to Vegas), an animated lightbox of Fremont Street, and a large screen TV hooked to a mini PC showcasing all the pictures I took in Las Vegas that play randomly. I'm all set.

    Thanks as always for the video Chris! Yeah, the subject is a downer, but your commentary is fun and it made me laugh. And what's funnier is, I don't even drink 🙂

    Have a great one!


  8. TheMaster Zman11 says:

    It would be one thing if this venue fee for drinks was going directly to the bartender who makes your drinks in exchange for perhaps tipping them if u dont wanna, but this is just another example of corporate greed at its finest folks. When is enough enough already?

  9. Mike van Maurik says:

    Unfortunately, a lot of hotels are following this ridiculous trend. In San Francisco at the Spero Hotel we paid $58 a day for parking and $35 resort fee. For a 4 day stay this adds up significantly to the already ridiculous hotel rates. Also in South Lake Tahoe we paid a $25 resort fee and local taxes. We still need to hit Las Vegas and still have a significant trip ahead where these stupid fees will occur and influence our vacation negatively 🙁

  10. Scott McCarthy says:

    Hey hey Chris, Well said!!!!! This would be a great time for someone to come out with a "Frequent Fee" Program. For everything you buy in Vegas and get charged a FEE of some kind, you get points for every dollar you spend in Fees. So, as you build up points you could cash in your points for Casino rewards which you could cash in for Slot plays, or room nights,restaurants, etc. What do you think??????

  11. ZIALANDER63 says:

    Can you say "Indian casino"? They now have great golf courses, gourmet restaurants, decent live acts , spas, great beds, slots that pay out AND no bogus fees I haven't had to go to Vegas in four years .

  12. Neil Szeverenyi says:

    I go to Vegas every year! I only travel in February and/or August and take advantage of rate drops! (Ie: July 4th) I dislike resort fees however I love the Las Vegas vibe and energy! Here's the thing! I never drink when I'm in Las Vegas! & I only eat @ Taco Bell Catina, Earl of sandwich and lastly In N out burger! My point is I do things for cheap and there are a plethora of exciting things to do on and off the strip! I will also mention I have a budget when it comes to gambling. ($125 per day) YES all the fees suck! But Vegas doesn't.

  13. Ricky Ticky says:

    Im from Colorado and in Black hawk Colorado which is a mini Vegas the hotels are starting to charge resort fees. It's ridiculous. Well I'm going to Vegas but I'm not staying at the strip. I'm going to an Airbnb. Waaayyyy cheaper even better. My Airbnb will have a full kitchen full laundry room, my own bedroom and a swimming pool. It's only five minutes away from the strip. What else could I ask for. Plus no other garbage fees. You have to be smart on how you spend your money. I'm gonna go to the local Walmart in Vegas and buy snacks and drinks there. Stash it all in the refrigerator. If you don't drink than you can have enough money to even rent a car. I'm pretty sure you will save so much than just spending it on a hotel with all these expensive fees and all the expensive snacks plus fees that come with it lol. All I have to do is just drive down the strip and have fun

  14. Laura Wade says:

    Seems like it would a lot easier to just stay home and SEND Las Vegas ALL my money. Or I could always go someplace else- for instance, the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Muir Woods, etc…

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