Why YOU should VISIT MEXICO CITY NOW! | Travel Documentary


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43 thoughts on “Why YOU should VISIT MEXICO CITY NOW! | Travel Documentary

  1. Alex Deleon says:

    In your introductory praise of the pre-columbian cultures' merits you (conveniently) forgot to mention the human sacrifices of the killing of sports teams that lose a match, or the plucking of hearts out of living female virgin girls in the hopes of pleasing the gods. Practices which were stopped by the Spaniards. It is a common omission by the 'native culture good, European culture bad" crowd. And before you start slinging politically correctness accusations, I am 100% hispanic from both new and old worlds, not an Anglo.

  2. Elisabeth n says:

    I'm just coming across your videos I know they're older but you guys have more information which is what I like and all these other newthey don't have any knowledge of where they're going it's about history and culture and you guys have that it's great.

  3. Antonio Zamudio says:

    It is extremely easy to fall in love with Mexico City as a foreigner or a tourist, as a ephemeral habitant who only covers the central area of the city for a very short period of time; but it really is a pain in the ass to live here.

    Literally anyone, including partially blind people, can get a driver’s license without any practical test or theoretical knowledge of the road; add that to the fact that most of the population lacks any form of civic and driving education, people taking possession of the streets believing the public space belongs to them, the rising insecurity, racism, classism and the fact that people take everything for granted like the unbelievably delicious food; are just some of the reasons why CDMX isn’t as beautiful as it is portrayed.

    And while there are truly grateful, hardworking, good people (mainly the lower class); the place is a primitive jungle where the strongest and richest take over the weakest and poorest.

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but it is a reality that some of us chose not to ignore.

  4. Katherine Wagoner says:

    Please study the history of Teotehuacan. Aztecs did not build it. They found it when they migrated from where ever to the area. There is questions concerning who were the originators. Olmec? Utomis? Who else? No one knows for sure.

  5. Alonso Quijano says:

    Guys – You stated that the Aztec civilization was destroyed by the Spaniards. Actually, The Aztec had previously conquered and treated the native nations around them so cruelly that they were hated – hated so much that, were it not for the missionaries influencing Cortez to stop them, the Indian nations around would have totally massacred the Aztecs.

  6. ognqski says:

    Wait until you see the quality of their kidnappings, they are literally to die for….and their muggings and car jacking are like no where else in the world…..and I can tell you because I am from mexico. False sense of security my dear gringo. You are leaning too far ahead of your skis.

  7. Karen Bentley says:

    Um, passing on the crickets and beetles, but you guys make me want to get on a plane and go to Mexico City. Like right now. Thank you so much for the rich and amazing introduction. You're the best ambassadors.

  8. Daniel Barreto Méndez says:

    Mexico City definitely does not have 30 million inhabitants. You'd have to put together lots of nearby municipalities to reach that number. The City itself has only around 8 million. The rest is the metropolitan area made up by much smaller cities, each one with their own majors, laws, taxes and so on. The video is still pretty cool! Thanks for visiting and sharing your experiences.

  9. tiffsaver says:

    Just a note to say how much I enjoy your travel videos. I think your presentation, production values, topics, etc. are absolutely the BEST in terms of professionalism and value. Kudos!

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